Welcome to
Caroline Smith Designs


Growing up close to Washington DC, Baltimore and Annapolis I was exposed to many forms of art which
were instrumental in developing my love for art and music. 

All through grade school, my favorite subjects were
always Art, Music, Mathematics and Science. I dreamed
of traveling to far off places and hung posters on my walls of fascinating destinations.  

First semester of Junior year in college, I lived just North of Sydney, Australia while I attended Macquarie University. I was there with a Study Abroad Program. Probably my first time out of the country and I was on the other side of the world. I attended classes to learn about the history, art and culture of the country. I gained a better understanding of the culture and Australia's past from taking these class. It was such an amazing experience and sparked my desire to travel, learn and see even more of the world. 

Receiving my Bachelors of Art in Graphic Design from Cabrini University, just outside of Philadelphia, PA
allowed me to experience even more art and culture which continually fascinated me. 

Spending the last six years working in Northern New Jersey as a Graphic Designer taught me about branding and corporate identity as well as the production side. Living just across the river from New York City, in Hoboken, NJ allowed me to once again immerse myself in the experiences of new cultures, different arts and music. 

I am looking to obtain a career with an energetic and fast-paced company where I can use my unique skill set and knowledge to enhance the company as a brand in it's industry while also trying to make a difference.